Monday, August 15, 2011

Trouble Sleeping. Scotland's on my mind.

Plannning for a two week trip to a different country is a hard thing to master. Especially since my family and myself specifically are the kings and queens of overpacking. How do you pack for weather that is so durastically different from your own, have enough clothes for two weeks, leave enough space (and weight) for souvenirs and room to move your boyfriends things home after living there for a year? Figuring out the best way to beat jet lag has been my latest obsessive thought late into the evening. I have been to Scotland three times and had a horrible, sleepless time trying to beat the jet lag the first go. The second time worked out perfectly, but only because of my mistake of waiting till the last minute to pack and staying up all night with no sleep, was I able to sleep the entire plane ride and then suffer no jet lag problems. This time, I am flying at night and need to figure out the best way to beat my sleeping problems. All this food for thought has made me restless and unable to sleep. Therefore some peaceful and happy images are putting my mind at ease of these racing thoughts.

Goodnight all

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