Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspiring Things

I love images. I love even more that people are so creative and see so many beautiful things that others pass by and never give any mind to. A truly great image is hard to come by. But when you see one, one that gives you chills or emotionally strikes a chord, those are the ones which can change your perspective, your mood, your mind, uplift you in so many ways and those are the true treasures that that one person was so kind to share with those who are willing to see them. Here are some that I came across today in my searches.
This one is by far my favorite. Who wouldn't want to spend every moment staring at this. 
What a creative take on abby road 
What a perfectly simple daily motto to aspire to live by.
What a great composition as well as color palette. 
I would love to feel her emotions at this very moment; so happy, free, and uninhibited. 
What a beautiful painitng. He is able to capture the liveliness of the cities energy with the vibrant colors and her feeling of aloneness all the while giving a great sense of darkness. 

All my inspirations for the moment, but more to come. 

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