Monday, July 18, 2011

With only weeks away, I guess it would be a good time to start planning an amazing trip on a rather modest budget. There are so many places that I would like to see and only two weeks to accomplish it. A friend suggested a book called "Europe on a Shoestring" which helps to make the most out of your trip as well as your money. It has been very informative, however, I desire much more exotic and off the beaten path destinations than these books offer. If I had to create a list of which countries I want to visit most, I would probably go
1. Austria
2. Switzerland
3. Spain
4. Greece
5. Italy
But what is the best city within those destinations is the question. I have been doing all the research I can, but how do you know if the pictures actually represent the city as a whole. More often than not, that one picture is the city at its best. Just like in (many) movies how all the funny parts are in the trailer and there isn't anything else funny left in the movie. It's hard to compare the two though since a real life experience is always better and the what you make of the situation determines the memories so any place has the possibility for life changing experiences. As of now, my number one destination is Salzkammergut region. There are many quaint little towns within the region, but Salzburg is most likely due to airport locations. 
Hopefully we will make a stop in Luzern, Switzerland next.
or perhaps Lugano, Switzerland 
My boyfriend, Ryan, has a good friend from Rome, so most likely we will be stopping there and have a true Italian take us around. Following that, Barcelona Spain will wrap up the tour. He is excited about the beach, and I more so than that, am stoked to see the work of Gaudi. Now, I just need to plan it all out. Ready, set, go!

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